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vashikaran specialist | how to perform vashikaran spells

A lot of people ask me is Vashi Karan real?

Everyone’s has a desire to have the power to influence the globe in supernatural ways. Though science has not found evidence about effects & efficacy of Vashi Karan spells and magic, many vashikaran practitioners and various occult society feel that by spells and mantras with help of unseen forces one can meet up with his/her wishes. Whether for love, success, spiritual growth or revenge, spells combine symbolism, special materials, verbal incantations, the positioning of astrological and spiritual bodies, concentration and faith into rituals to change your will into reality.

How to perform Vashi Karan mantra spells

1. Purification

clean yourself from any negative energies before trying to plan to perform magic, you should get and have access to the best and proper frame of both body-mind and persona and cleanse away any doubts, demons or spiritual impurities which may distract you or result in spell being unsuccessful . Ideally purifying yourself should be described as a cleansing which must leave your system and one’s body relaxed and your thoughts cleared.

2. Bathe.

Take a bath for a long time, getting the skin completely neat and soaking the complete body and hair.

3 .Dress appropriately.

For those who have robes or some other special gown for doing magic, put that on. Otherwise, pick simple but formal clothes that feel light, comfortable and clean. You will be asking the divine forces for { a big favor, so try to decorate the ritual space with a great amount of reverence. There shall be no one around, some vashikaran specialists recommend and are very enthusiastic about performing magic within the protection circle.


Proper meditation is required until your thoughts are clear. Carry out some basic deep yoga breathing and relaxation yoga meditation to enhance your focus and discard distracting desires.
Anoint yourself with the correct and ideal oils. Different kind of essential oils can be used for different purposes, so if you want to find one or two that appear appropriate and dab slightly on your both hands hair, face, and chest as well.

5. Invocation

Now with the loud voice call on a greater and dark gods to bless your spell. This is often general prayer to ask for the assistance and aid from some deity or supernatural force specific you intend to do this in your Vashi Karan spell. Your invocation might also include gestures, lighting candles or placing certain objects. you shall read all these steps to perform Vashi Karan mantra successfully as advised by the vashikaran specialist at