love problem solution by dua

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Love Problem Solution By Dua


love is a feeling of happiness joy sharing caring and joy .All these things combine to make a love relationship grow and blossom.This is a precious bond of being together between lovers husband and wife brothers and sisters and families.Now these days we see that there are lot of people facing love and relationship problems ,breakups ,seperations,and divorce.These love and relationship problems comes into place because of misunderstanding ,lack of faith and trust,miscommunication and sometimes black magic curses.Now when a person is unable to resolve his/her matters by communication or any physical means then they look towards spiritual or magickal solution for their problem.

Love Problem Solution By Dua

Dua means to ask for something from god.Dua is performed by muslims after each prayer asking god for there needs and thanking god for the blessings.Dua can also be performed for a specific purpose.The basic concept of dua is to first recite the dignity and prosperity of god and then ask him to solve the problem.Dua can be very effective in love problem solution and can be performed in the following ways for success.

Successful ways to perform dua for love and relationship problems.

1.salat ul hajat
Dua salatul hajat is a very effective way to spiritually solve the love problems ,The best time for salat ul hajat means the prayer performed for dua for a special purpose is at midnight .The one shall take a cleansing bath with salt water before that so any negitive energies shall banish.Now select a quiet peaceful place where you can perform your prayers with full concentration .Burn the incense of love rose during this process.When you have finished the process then recite the following surah before making the dua:

.surah fathia 7 times
.surah toba last 2 veerses 1100 times
.Surat fathia 7 times
.duroodh 11 times
after reciting this make dua and your wish will be granted and problem solved.

2.dua sunnah
This is a very easy remedy for love problem solution but you have to get holy water for the purposer fajar prayer stand face towards kabbah and drink holy water (Abe zam zam) in three sips and make dua ,your wish will be granted .This dua is proven from sunnah.


3.dua wazifa:
Dua wazifa is said to be performed when specific verses of quran are recited repeatedly for a specific purpose and then dua is made.For this purpose time and place is kept same until the desired results are obtained.Before starting dua wazifa permission is granted by sheikh.Following is a very powerful dua wazeefa for love problem solution and shall be started from the beaning of the new moon;
.read durood 100 times
.read allaha name allahu samad 11000 times
.read durood in end 100 times

Now make dua after doing this wazifa and you will be surprised with the fabulous results.This dua wazifa has to be done for at least 11 days.
4.dua taweez
Lot of people ask that can a dua be done with the taweez ?the answer is yes as the taweez is the form of written orders and commands to the spirits .Now im gonna tell you the best dua which work with taweez .Take a A4 size sheet of butter paper and write surah fatiha on it with saffron ink made with rose water and holy water.Now in the hour of venus one shall recite surah fathia for 101 times and blow on the paper.Write the name of the lover in the end stating what you want to happen.Once done wrap the paper and infuse it with sandal wood incense tie it up to your right arm for best results.

All of these dua solutions are highly recommended for love problem solution for all kind of love and relationship problems.