love problem solution by taweez

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Love Problem Solution By Taweez

Taweez is a form of a spiritual binding to the spirits and jinn in a written form to command them for a specific purpose or a desired wish to come true.The orders are written on a paper and then infused with special incense.If the taweez is made for love problem solution or any positive task then sweet incense like sandal wood or rose is burnt.If the purpose is death or any destructive means then strong bitter incense is burnt and the paper is infused in the smoke until it absorbs the smell.

Taweez is used by both,spiritual healers and the black magicians in order to command the spirits and jinns. The Islamic scholars write taweez using quranic verses and the black magicians on other hand uses satanic tilisams. Taweez is considered to be a powerful love problem solution.

Love Problem Solution powerful taweez

*This is the most powerful taweez to get your love back.Take a yellow paper and write the below given love taweez with the ink made up of saffron and rose water.Make the pen out of a stick of a fruitful tree sharping it by a knife as a pointer or a pencil.Now while writing this love taweez sit facing towards south in a yoga style position.
*Remember the key point for writing this taweez is your will power and concentration.Where there is a will there is a the place where you are writing the taweez shall be vacant and there shall be pin drop silence. Before writing this taweez perform the cleansing ritual and burn sandal wood and rose incense in a wooden bowl so it shall relax your mood and make you calm.

love taveez

Procedure How To Use

After you have made the taweez now you shall use you shall use it according to the element of your lover .Now i will explain the four elements and there usage.

If your love has an element of fire then after you have made the the taweez wrap it with a plastic coating so in case of rain water does not reach the paper and then tape and tie it with the string so that it shall move freely with the wind.

If mother element is water then the taweez shall be put in a air tight bottle.sprinkle some rose oil perfume on it .Now air tight the bottle and throw the bottle in the clean running water ocean or a lake.

The person who has the mother nature as air the taweez shall be placed near some heat source so it shall stay warm.

In case of element being earth the amulet or the taweez shall be buried in the grave for negative purpose and under fruitful tree for love problem solution.